Introduction to Chemical Engineering Computing

Bruce A. Finlayson, John Wiley & Sons, 2012

Source Code for Examples in Book: go to booksupport.wiley.com and search on Finlayson

Additional free resources for you:
Supplement Using Python (solving examples in the book)

In 2008 I was honored by CACHE for my contributions to the use of computers in chemical engineering education. This is a pdf of my talk, given at the AIChE meeting in November, 2008.

• Numerical Info

• Expanded Appendix on Excel , as pdf document
• Parameter estimation from App. E, 1st edition
• delta-x limit for strong convection
• Approximate solution for flow between flat plates with diffusion sideways
• Approximate solution for laminar diffusion fluid interface, Problem 11.28
• Info on numerical programs: LU decomp, RKF45, Gear, MacCormack with flux correction